Sand Balls Classic

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⌛ Classics never get old! So try the classic version of the original Sand Balls and get a new taste of a vintage experience.

If what you love in your mobile games is pure physics-based puzzle fun with no unwanted distractions, then Sand Balls Classic is the game for you. No bells and whistles, no sticks and carrots, nothing but 🏖️ sand and balls in hundreds of tricky, cleverly designed levels that will test your wits, engage your logic, and entertain you with their elegant solutions.

If you’re a hardcore puzzle fan or just a casual gamer, Sand Balls Classic is a game that’s guaranteed to satisfy.

The balls came tumbling down! 🧶

★ Slice through the sand and watch the balls fall! Plan your path through the dunes and dig carefully to ensure the maximum possible number of balls drop into the back of the truck. You’ll know you’re on the right track when the balls start tinkling in, the scales go down, and the stars start popping up. But can you get three stars on every level?

★ How many grains of sand on the shore? Hundreds of different levels with thousands of subtle variations ensure the game’s simple, physics-based gameplay never gets boring. There’s always a new challenge, so you’ll always have to engage your brain and focus your attention to shepherd all those little colored balls to their final destination.

★ Work on your ball control! Dozens of ingenious game mechanics – including bombs, barriers, turbines, pipes, and triggers – provide serious physics challenges with amazingly inventive solutions. Didn’t get it right the first time? Never mind, the highly creative game design of Sand Balls Classic ensures you’ll want to try, try and try again.

★ I love the sound of tumbling 🔮 balls ! Superb sound design enhances your puzzle-solving experience, with immensely satisfying pops, clangs, and clatter that make finding the right solution to each puzzle pure sensory joy.

Can you dig it?

Whether you’re new to the Sand Balls universe or a long-time fan, Sand Balls Classic offers the pure, unadulterated logic puzzle thrills that have made the game so popular with players of all ages. Looking for a challenging physics-based puzzle game that’s always fun to play? Download Sand Balls Classic now and get digging straight away!

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