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Some of the Best Bus Stops and Stations Around the World

VivaNext Bus Stops which are located in Canada more specifically in the City of Vaughan it is one of a kind. It is built with the variety of architectural features such as outdoor porcelain tiles, outdoor seating, among other high standard products which make them stand out. Next, is Spaarne Hospital Bus Station located in Holland it was constructed with the uniquely shaped synthetic material making it look outstanding.  Third in our list is Norwich Bus Station which is uniquely shaped freestanding structural steel canopy, from above it looks like a space ship. Last but not least Dubai Bus Stops, these uniquely built bus stops are air-conditioned for travelers comfort in the middle east heat.

#1: VivaNext Bus Stops


#2: Spaarne Hospital Bus Station

#3: Norwich Bus Station


#4: Dubai Bus Stops


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