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Monthly Archives: February 2017

9 Simple Home Decor Hacks

Decorating your home or apartment doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are all kinds of things that you can re-use, upcycle, and create with your own hands that can be used to decorate your home and it costs almost nothing to do so. In some cases, such as living in an apartment, you might not be able to do things like painting or changing the floors, so when it comes to easy DIY home hacks, these are usually a welcoming breath of fresh air, besides doing the same thing over and over again. Below, we will be showing you some of the best home decor hacks that you can use for your apartment or house.

Transfer Sheets

Sometimes it’s the little things that count! These bottles, the ones that you place things like sea salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar in are really cute as is. But, what if you could make them a little more glamorous? You can! By using transfer sheets you can actually type out the labels and then stick them to each bottle. Transfer sheets are usually made out of a colored material, but you can find the sheets in all sorts of colors, even gold and silver to have that foil effect.

Upcycling An Old Dresser

If you have a dresser that you aren’t really using or you can find one for cheap, did you know that you can actually remove the drawers? By doing this, you can create a little area in your laundry room, finished basement or even the bedroom specifically for laundry. The dresser, if it’s the correct size, can be loaded with laundry baskets. This is a great way to add style, but it’s also a really good way to stay organized.

Get A Catchall

Catchalls are an item that can be used to collect things when you come in the house such as your keys, leftover change in your pocket, even your wallet. These catchalls can be made of different materials, matched to your decor, and be placed anywhere. But, it’s better to place them by the door such as on a bookshelf or a table next to the door. Make it a habit, as soon as you walk in, to place your items in the catch all. Some cute ideas; leather catchalls, glass dish catchalls, even etched wood. Below is one made from leather.

Hide Away Your Router

Computing devices like modems and routers aren’t really pretty – especially if they are out in the open. One way to hide them is to find a hollowed out book (just the cover, without the pages) and slide your modem or router inside of it. It adds style, but it also removes that ugly router from guests eyes, as well as your own! Just make sure it has adequate ventilation.

Add A Nautical Look

Do you love the beach, the nautical style or you live by the water consider using Jute Rope. This type of rope can be bought in craft stores and in some department stores and its incredibly cheap. You can then use it throughout the house to put through the eyelets of drapes for instance, and tie it through the curtain rod to create a really cool look.

Add Lit Candles Inside A Fireplace

If you have an old fireplace that is no longer in use, or it’s the summertime and the days and nights are too hot for it, consider placing candles inside of the fireplace for a really neat look. You can use regular candles, but with kids, and animals, you can actually find non-flame candles that look very real. These use batteries. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.

Paint Your Floors

If you live in a house and you don’t have money to get new floors just yet, consider painting them. Most floor materials such as concrete, wood, even vinyl can all be painted, you just need to find a material specific guide to walk you through it. This can really change the look of the entire room and the floor itself; especially if the floor is stained, worn, or faded.

Use A Floor Rug

Using floor rugs does more than just make a room cozy, it can also change the look of the room entirely. When choosing a floor rug for the living room or even the dining room, choose one that is big enough to cover most of the flooring material underneath. You can also pull in color from the furniture in the room in order to choose the right color of rug. For example; if you have a blue futon couch, you can get a blue and white rug.

Exterior Fence Upgrade

Most American homes have their backyard fenced and if your fence installation is older then you should think about improving its looks since it may look aged. Few effective ways you can improve your existing fence are via staining or painting. Getting the right stain or paint color is key to improving your exterior fence. Choose wood colors to stay in tune with the natural surrounding.
There you have it, 9 simple ways to decor your home. Now get rolling with the project that suits your requirement.